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- Robert Morris – “A complete transformation of an athlete”


Robert Morris


Testimonial from Robert Morris - Athletic Training/Conditioning Coach

Robert Morris is an American Football player who lives and goes to high school in Singapore.  American Football requires a high degree of quickness, strength, toughness, agility, and outright speed.  In addition, to play this sport in the tropics, an athlete needs to be well-conditioned and have stamina to play to the end of the game at full power.


Robert has always been strong, but that was mostly due to his physical size, which was about 260 lbs.  Robert wanted to play college football, but his physical condition and athletic skills were at a low level – specifically, he ran the 40 yd dash in over 6 seconds, could only bench 200 lbs, and could not finish his football games without coming out frequently for rests.


Robert then made a personal commitment to improve his athletic abilities and physical condition, but needed professional help to accomplish these goals.  Rob began working with Damien Villarosa, who crafted a specially designed program of core muscle strength development, weight training, agility drills, football skills, and nutrition.


Robert and Damien formed an amazing partnership, and over the course of two years, Robert worked hard under Damien’s expert guidance.  His weight dropped to 225 lbs, his 40 yard dash improved to 5.0 seconds, bench press to over 300 lbs, and squat to over 400 lbs.  In addition, Rob’s stamina and conditioning drastically improved, allowing him to play full-speed in all of his football games.  In his senior year alone, Robert was team captain, Most-Valuable-Player, All-Conference Inside Linebacker, and co-MVP of Asia Bowl (All-star game with Korea).'



Robert led his team, the Singapore Oilers to the 2010 SAFL (Singapore American Football League) championship, and the All-star team, the Singapore Falcons, to victory in the 2010 Asia Bowl.  Rob could not have accomplished these feats without being in top physical condition.


Robert attributes much of his football success to Damien.  As a result of his athletic improvement, Robert is now being recruited by several universities and colleges in the U.S.A.


Many Thanks, Damien!!
Phil Morris

Father of Robert Morris, #95 Singapore Oilers